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JeanHeeCottonField“Runaway: One Woman’s Story of Resilience” is the true story of a South Korean immigrant who survived prostitution as a teenager and made it a goal to attend high school in America. Jeanhee Kang was shunned by her unforgiving society after being expelled from high school at age sixteen for breaking a taboo. She knew she had to find a way out of there at any cost. “Run Away: One Woman’s Story of Resilience” doesn’t spare the reader any of the agonizing details of her childhood, nor does the book hold back all she overcame to realize her dreams.


Though often faced with insurmountable odds, Jeanhee Kang has made a tremendous journey halfway around the world — a journey filled with heartbreaking, emotional trials — and she has survived it all. This tale of her inspirational underdog story is dedicated to the 50 million American women and billions of women all over the world who face similar hardships every day.

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